Why use a travel agency in the age of Expedia and Trip Advisor?

For a simple ticket or quick hotel booking, you probably don’t need us… but then again, you might!

Where were you on 9/11? For hurricane Katrina? For the school-vacation week blizzard of 2010 or when Ejafajallajokull blew its top? We were here… here to help stranded travelers (even some who hadn’t booked through us!) find safe refuge and get home as soon as possible. We were here to salvage long-planned vacations and reunite families.When you planned that big family trip and everyone wanted to get involved, wouldn’t you have loved a “middleman” to sort it all out and help keep the peace? We add value through our experience, connections, affiliations and specialized travel industry technology.

Sometimes there’s no substitute for the personal touch, for passion, for dedication… you won’t find those when you book online. We love getting to know our clients, working with them to plan the perfect trip. We’re puzzle masters, assembling many pieces seamlessly to form a beautiful picture.

For more reasons to use an agent, check out the American Society of Travel Agents website:
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